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Field Food Lewes

Our lives focus on great food and we believe that real health and happiness come from the simple joys of living with the seasons, sharing a meal, cooking, eating, and laughing together.

One Supper Club was where it all began. We’d pull up benches around our little table in Hove each month and invite strangers to share a home-cooked meal with us. We learned that the simple act of sharing a meal can bring people closer and create memories that last.

With Field Food we’re combining this celebration of human connection with a solid set of principles that guide everything we do to bring joy and simplicity back into eating.

Nourishment is at the heart of this; combining our knowledge of nutrition with our passion for delicious food that has been thoughtfully produced.

Our social feasts are designed to celebrate the best of each season with great quality, local ingredients that have been gathered or grown by us. Our larder is an extension of this, bringing you small-batch, handmade food to add flavour and nourishment to your everyday cooking.

If you believe in connecting with your community, living thoughtfully, knowing where your food comes from, and having fun, then Field Food is for you.

Field Food Lewes

Field Food Values

Our health is intricately tied to the health of our environment and our communities. We can’t nurture one whilst neglecting the others.

Field Food is founded with these six guiding values at its heart, and they run through everything we do.

Field Food Lewes


Community is at the core of everything we do at Field Food. Our walks, workshops, and feasts are designed to bring people together. We believe that the act of sharing big, beautiful meals and connecting over these experiences is just as nourishing as the food itself.

Seasonal & Local

Eating seasonally helps us to connect to the cyclical nature of growing and the world around us. Currently, about 80% of our produce is sourced from incredible local farmers in East Sussex, meaning we get to use the freshest ingredients whilst supporting small businesses in our local community.


It’s our belief that food should be equal parts nourishing and delicious – with every meal being an opportunity to nurture ourselves in the best way we can. We source great quality ingredients, cook them well and share them with you at our feasts.


The opposing system to industrialised farming; regenerative farming integrates with nature, taking only as much as it gives back. It focusses on organic farming without the use of chemicals, regenerates topsoils, and increases biodiversity, strengthening the health of the environment and of us.

Zero Waste

We’re working towards our aim of having a kitchen with no bin. We source our food carefully, pickle and preserve anything we have in excess, and compost whatever is left – returning it to the soil where we grow our own food.

Slow Food

The alternative to fast food! The slow food movement is about preserving traditional techniques and regional cuisine, working with small farmers and producers, focusing on quality food, and minimising overproduction and food waste.

A little inspiration

Our newsletter shares the things we discover on our quest to capture the spirit of health, food, and celebrations. A five-minute read of ideas and inspiration connecting the dots between health and happiness. We’d love to have you along.

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