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by libby turner
Field Food Nutrition Lewes

Nutritionist in Lewes

Food should be equal parts nourishing and delicious – this isn’t about fads, restriction, or guilt; it’s a joyful approach to nourishing yourself.
Libby Turner Nutritionist Lewes
Hi, I’m Libby

I’m a registered nutritionist in Lewes who believes in the Functional Medicine approach to health.

I’ve been passionate about food my entire life, but it wasn’t until I was recovering from heart surgery in 2014 that I started to explore the healing powers that it holds. I embarked on a life-changing mission to explore what truly made me feel happy and healthy.

I researched and experimented with different healing modalities, but what I discovered was simple: I needed to tune into my body and connect with the natural world around me. I focussed on aligning with nature’s rhythms and seasons, eating only what was available to me at each specific time of year. I learned how to grow my own food, forage for wild ingredients, and to prepare and cook my food in ways that maximised their nutritional density and digestibility. I also found nourishment through movement, sleep, relaxation, community, and nature.

To understand the science behind what I had intuitively learned, I joined the College of Naturopathic Medicine to study biomedicine and naturopathic nutrition.

As a nutritionist, my main focus revolves around helping people to rediscover the joy of cooking and eating seasonally and tuning into what their body needs. I want to equip people with the knowledge and skills to feel consistently satisfied and energised, with eating becoming natural and intuitive.

Cooking Workshops

Eating seasonally lies at the heart of what we do at Field Food, and we believe it holds the secret to feeling deeply nourished and energised. As a nutritional therapist and cook, Libby has created these hands-on workshops to introduce the foundations of seasonal eating and share simple ways that you can boost the nutritional value and digestibility of your food.

“Food is medicine; it can nourish us, protect us, and help us to get the best out of every day. But it’s not only meant to be nourishing; it’s also meant to bring you joy, to make you happy, and to be truly delicious.”

A little inspiration

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