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Cooking for Health

Eating seasonally lies at the heart of what we do at Field Food, and we believe it holds the secret to feeling deeply nourished and energised. As a nutritional therapist and cook, Libby has created this hands-on workshop to introduce the foundations of seasonal eating and share simple ways that you can boost the nutritional value and digestibility of your food.

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Bee Keeping Course Sussex

Bee Keeping

Join us for this one-day sustainable bee keeping course covering the management of honey bees, and natural ways to take care of them. With a combination of hands-on experience and expert guidance, you will gain a deep understanding of honey bees including their ecology, biology and natural lifecycle; hive management across the seasons; and how to keep bees healthy.

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Social Feasts

Our Feasts are a celebration of the seasons! We gather and grow ingredients and work with small farms to intuitively create menus around what is abundant at that time of year; capturing flavours at their peak. The act of sharing big, beautiful meals and connecting over these experiences is just as nourishing as the food itself.

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Bee Keeping Workshop

Our final bee keeping workshop of the summer – an opportunity to get hands-on experience and expert guidance on keeping honey-bees. You will gain a deep understanding of honey bees and leave with the confidence and knowledge to start your own hive.


Picnic with My Little Farm

We’re teaming up with My Little Farm to host a picnic at their incredible organic, regenerative farm in the South Downs. Once you arrive, you will be greeted with a nutritious, seasonal picnic hamper freshly made by us with produce from the farm.


Seasonal Cooking Workshop

Learn the foundations of seasonal cooking this September – a time of abundance with incredible local produce available. Libby has created this hands-on workshop to equip you with the skills and confidence to feel grounded in the kitchen.


Decorative Painting Workshop with Tess Newall

Join Tess for a unique decorative painting workshop, hosted close to her home and studio near Lewes in East Sussex. This workshop is held in Field Food’s traditional flint barn in the heart of the South Downs. Surrounded by beautiful Sussex downland and looking out over a rose garden, the studio provides plenty of inspiration for decorative painting.


Attachment Play Workshop with Flourishing Childhood

Rebecca from Flourishing Childhood and Issy from Grooveforu are collaborating on this playful and practical workshop that provides an holistic approach to parenting. With a nourishing, seasonal lunch provided by us.


Vihaan Retreat with Rachael Woolston

Vihaan is Sanskrit for dawn of a new age. These half day retreats help to bring clarity and confidence during peri and menopause.


Harvest Moon Festival

My Little Farm’s inaugural Harvest Moon Festival – a day of community, music, regenerative food, talks, and holistic sessions to celebrate the autumn harvest. With a communal campfire feast by us.


Dayna MacCulloch Book Launch

A private event to celebrate the launch of Dayna’s book ‘You Do Not Have to Be Good: A Memoir’. The book details Dayna’s journey of healing from debilitating illness; living in many different countries, training with the world’s leading somatic teachers, and learning how to wholly heal.


Open Farm Day

Pop in to experience the Field Food barn and sample some seasonal food and drinks. Explore other businesses on site – The Chalk Rose with seasonal flowers, Teas for Bees, Ash & Plumb, The Table Guy. Details coming soon.


Seasonal Cooking Workshop

Learn the foundations of seasonal cooking this October – warming, cozy, comforting foods for the Autumn. Libby has created this hands-on workshop to equip you with the skills and confidence to feel grounded in the kitchen.

A little inspiration

Our newsletter shares the things we discover on our quest to capture the spirit of health, food, and celebrations. A five-minute read of ideas and inspiration connecting the dots between health and happiness. We’d love to have you along.

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