The Complete Guide to Herb Cultivation Through the Year


This package is an invitation to join us for all of the dates across the year to gain a deeper understanding of the herb life cycle and the ways to best care for them across the seasons. You’ll visit Teas for Bee’ small-scale ecological herb farm across Spring, Summer and Autumn allowing for an in-depth exploration of germination, growth, reproduction, pollination, and seed spreading stages.

You will be booking all 6 dates for the price of 5: Wednesday 20th March, Wednesday 1st May, Thursday 20th June, Tuesday 9th July, Sunday 22nd September and Thursday 31st October.

For each workshop we will spend the morning in Teas for Bees’ herb farm where Jo will introduce us to all of the herbs she grows for cooking and herbal teas, and the beneficial insects they attract.

Throughout the year we will be focusing on how to grow your own herbs and help them to thrive, by understanding:

  • soil regeneration & maintenance
  • how to make new plants by propagation of a variety of health-giving perennial herbs, including; mints, rosemary, catmint, oregano/wild marjoram, hyssop, sage, lady’s mantel, fennel and many more. You will be able to choose herbs to divide or take cuttings from to take home
  • compost preparation
  • methods for sowing seeds of edible annual and tender perennial flowers and herbs; borage, calendula, chamomile, chicory, cornflowers, crysanthemums, sunflowers, dahlias and many more
  • the different pollinator and natural insect predators which visit our flowers 
  • how to care organically for established plants – feeding, pest control, pruning. 

We’ll harvest our own herbal tea ingredients to infuse around the camp fire, with delicious nourishing herbal treats prepared by Field Food.

About Jo and Teas for Bees

The roots of Teas for Bees’ small ecological farm have grown out of a lifelong interest in the ecology of the natural world and a wish to live in balance with nature. They grow a variety of wonderful flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees that are suited to the soil and climate and benefit our beautiful pollinators (as well as other wildlife too!).

Jo uses the leaves, flowers, fruits and roots to produce the herbal teas and fresh herb and flower bouquets.

Wednesday 20th March, Wednesday 1st May, Thursday 20th June, Tuesday 9th July, Sunday 22nd September and Thursday 31st October, 10am – 1pm
Price: £225 (Saving £45) (Subsidised places available – please email us)
Herbal teas and nourishing herbal treats are included.
Please read our workshop FAQs and access page before booking.

Location: The Flint Barn, near Southease. The exact location will be emailed to you after booking.

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