WildFarmed Flour


WildFarmed Patisserie Flour T55

Milled a little differently to other WildFarmed flours, using a process that splits the grain prior to milling, T55 comes out a lot whiter and finer than the others in their selection. Developed initially to make udon noodles, but produces excellent results in pasta and pastries as well.

WildFarmed Pizza / Flatbread Flour

A finely milled blend, full of natural vitality that makes this flour produce extensible dough that is easy to work with by hand. It’s naturally creamy in texture and balanced in structure making it ideal for a wide range of types of dough.

WildFarmed Plain Flour

Milled using a selection of lower protein varieties, making it easier to achieve lighter, tender textures ideal for cakes, sponges and buns. Creates beautiful results when used individually or mixed with other flours from our range.

Local pickup only. Collection from The Flint Barn, near Southease. Full address will be emailed to you with your receipt.

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