Zak’s Kombucha


Nothing but premium forest-friendly tea, organic cane sugars, and the magic of fermentation. Finally, a real non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternative that will make you feel like you’re not missing out on anything!

Zak gives the most sustainable and outstanding ingredients a platform to shine from. Using forest friendly Thai tea and seasonal local produce, harvested, foraged and gathered by hand. Celebrating the underdog by using often overlooked, or ‘waste’ ingredients.


Sparkling Oolong: Live kombucha cultures (SCOBY), organic raw and unrefined cane sugars (transformed during fermentation), carbon filtered water, beyond-organic Thai forest-friendly oolong tea

Kentish Orchard Quince:

Local Pickup Only. Collection from The Flint Barn, near Southease. Full address will be emailed to you with your receipt.

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